Big Eyes Coin Launches Presale for Meme Coin Season – June 3rd!

• Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is launching its presale, which has brought in $35 million and will end on June 3rd.
• The token is built around the idea of having utility and shifting wealth into the DeFi ecosystem.
• BIG has a total supply of 200 billion, with 80% available on launch. It offers Loot Boxes and NFTs to reward buyers.

Big Eyes Coin Gears Up For Meme Coin Season

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is launching amidst the growing momentum behind meme coins. With its presale bringing in an astonishing $35 million and no signs of slowing down, BIG looks set to seize the moment and ride the meme coin wave.

BIG Token: Utility Focused

The token is built around the idea of being an asset that has utility. It aims to build a comprehensive ecosystem that can host DApps and DeFi projects while protecting world’s oceans as one of its core goals. BIG will have a total supply of 200 billion, with 80% available on launch.

Presale & Loot Boxes

The Big Eyes presale is one of the most subscribed presales in recent years, thanks to its plans for its ecosystem that offer Loot Boxes or bundles that reward buyers with NFT cards they can use to mint BIG NFTs.

DeFi Focus

One thing that makes Big Eyes attractive to investors is its focus on building DeFi projects in its ecosystem as traditional finance gives way to DeFi.

Presale To Wind Down On June 3rd

The Big Eyes presale will end on June 3rd, after exceeding expectations by shooting past it funding goal. As part of promoting wealth creation for its community, the project continues to push for adoption of DeFi projects within its ecosystem as it gears up for meme coin season ahead